Trained in contemporary dance and theatre, she specialised in tap dance at the school of Coco Comín and in other schools in Barcelona and New York, before going on to train in body percussion.

Co-founder of the company Tapeplas and member of the company Tap Olé for four years, she has a long track record in the world of stage and performance.

She has designed choreographies for different theatre pieces, such as “Apocalypse Uploaded: la transhumanización de las abejas” (Apocalypse Uploaded: the transhumanisation of the bees), by the company LAminimAL, and has taken part in numerous training projects, such as “Danza para las Escuelas” (Dance for schools) at Escola Vàrium.

She teaches in a number of centres in Barcelona, and from 2012 to 2015 she was a dance teacher in London, where she also formed part of tap dance companies Old Kent Road and Sole Rebel Tap, as well as being a body percussion soloist in The Voice Energy Project vocal group.

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